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I help high achieving people of color achieve balance and alignment in their lives, career, and relationships through tailored one-on-one private coaching. 

You could be:

→  a top performer at your agency or firm looking to find ways to lead with more integrity and heart

→ a community organizer who wants to find ways to sustain your efforts while meeting your needs and avoiding burnout

→ a creative entrepreneur looking to start a business or hone in on your craft

→ a new spouse or parent wanting to integrate your whole identity into a new partnership or family dynamic

I help humans be better leaders and leaders be better humans.

Whatever has you wanting more, we will work together to do the following:

Build self-trust: It can feel impossible to achieve your biggest goals if you are in a consistent state of self-betrayal. The most foundational part of our work together will be to get clear on what isn’t working and helping you to take consistent action that is truly aligned with your values and integrity

Build capacity: We will work together to do an inventory of where your energy and attention are going, and make strategic and aligned choices about what needs to be cut out, changed, added, or amplified

Take sustained action: Coaching is designed to take you beyond the “aha” moments so that you are able to build upon your insight with meaningful, deliberate, and sustained action to help create a reality that is truly aligned with your values, your purpose, and the kind of life you want to build

What to expect

Direct support

optional direct ongoing support via email and text in between sessions

Access to resources

like readings, targeted exercises for your unique goals, and references to the insight we make in the sessions

An initial consult or Exploratory Call

between 30 and 60 minutes to figure out whether we’d be a good fit to work together. We don’t enter into a partnership unless and until we are both clear and invested in working together


Foundation Session

to align expectations and structure for the coaching relationship


we will deep dive into discovering your values, leadership style, and  self-sabotaging behaviors


I will guide you through exercises designed to surface your boldest dreams and design what our working container will look like

Biweekly sessions

depending on where we are in the coaching cycle, we will meet via Zoom between 45 and 90 minutes every other week



What topics do you coach?

I coach the person, not the problem. While our conversations will have a particular focus, clients often find that the core issue is much deeper than the presenting problem. I will support you with both. Some common areas of coaching include: uncovering, creating, and claiming your most authentic life purpose; repairing and crafting healthy, fulfilling relationships with romantic partners, friends, and loved ones; and creating a life of possibility, whatever that may look like for you. That might mean landing that promotion, learning how to manage conflict with your partner, or starting the business you’ve always dreamed of.

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