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Tamanna Ahmad

The world we are living in is loud.

Coaching is a space dedicated to cutting through the noise & getting straight to what's real: What do you really want? What are you simply settling for? What could be possible if your whole self was allowed to take up space in the world? How would it look and feel, if you got to do it in community? We will design tailor-made solutions to help you boldly claim the life that is meant to be yours.

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My mission

I care deeply about helping others live aligned to their deepest purpose, values, needs, and desires. I demand adventure, love, and radical connection in all aspects of my own life, and I coach keeping both my values and my clients' values front and center. 


Coaching with me is always about attuning and surrendering to your inner wisdom, holding and acknowledging what needs to be seen without judgment, and taking meaningful and sustained action to manifest the life that you most deeply want for yourself. If you are interested in learning more, book a free consultation to see if we'd be a good fit.

Getting a Coach vs. Getting a Therapist

While coaching and therapy both explore your past experiences, feelings, and conflicts, coaching is not a substitute for clinical or medical advice. If you have a diagnosed mental health condition that you need support with, please contact a licensed professional. Some key differences between coaching and therapy are that coaching has more emphasis on the present and creating a resonant future, and has a focus on taking action and accountability. While there is a certain power dynamic in therapy, the coaching relationship is a partnership and we work together to design the space that will best serve you, your goals, dreams, and desires.

Together, we will...

Cut out what doesn’t serve you to make room for what does.
Let go of the survival strategies and conditioned fears that keep you playing it safe.
Take tangible and sustained action to move toward your boldest goals.

Coaching for high-achieving people of color

I help high-achieving people of color to find balance and alignment in their life, career, and relationships through tailored one-on-one private coaching.

Kind words

chanelle solo (1).jpeg
“Tamanna provided tools, challenges, and homework that helped me work through postpartum depression, guilt surrounding my lack of personal accountability, and limited self-confidence. She helped me remember that I am worthy of good things and to take care of myself as I do others."

— Chanelle | DC

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